Kit Carson High, recipient of the John Irwin School of Excellence Awards for three years in a row
2001, 2002, 2003
The John Irwin Award
     The Colorado School Awards Program was created in the 2000 Colorado General Assembly to recognize the highest-performing and most-improved public schools in the state, as determined by the School Accountability Reports.

     The John Irwin Award is named after a former state legislature. It is only for the top eight percent of schools in the state for academics. Elementary, middle school, and high school can all receive the John Irwin Award.

     The John Irwin Schools of Excellence Awards target the highest-performing schools. During the 2000/2001 school year, 122 schools received excellent ratings and were designated John Irwin Schools of Excellence.

     For the following year (2001/2002), 143 schools were recognized by the John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award.

     Beginning with the 2002 School Year results, awardees will be those schools whose overall standardized, weighted total score for academic performance on the School Accountability Report is within the top eight percent of all public schools.

A brief biography of John J. Irwin