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Welcome to you and your student(s) as part of our community and your school district. The children of Kit Carson Schools are our primary concern and they are the reason for our existence. Each and every child who comes to our school is important. Kit Carson School District strives to meet the needs of each student by providing a comprehensive curriculum, excellence in instruction, and continuous communication among parents, staff, and the students themselves.

We are particularly proud of our tradition of quality education, outstanding teachers, dedicated support staff, supportive parents and eager students. We believe that education is a partnership that is a shared responsibility of each student, staff member and parent as well as all residents of our community. Parents, in my opinion, must recognize they play the most important role in the education and discipline of their children. As the parent of a student new to our school or student that has attended our school in the past, we look forward to your involvement in this partnership. We enter this school year with a sense of pride in past accomplishments, but we are continually looking for ways to improve. Your interest and involvement will help us meet the challenges ahead with success. We need your ideas and suggestions. If you have comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 719-962-3219, email me or stop by my office. Working together, we can make our school even better.

Robert Framel, Superintendent

Phone: 719-962-3219

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