Kit Carson Historical Society Depot

Located in the Kit Carson town park on U.S. Highway 287/40, displays in the Kit Carson Museum focus on local history including the Kansas Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads, homesteading, farming and ranching. The focal point of the Museum is the historic Unioin Pacific Depot, listed on the Colorado Register of Historic Properties. The museum is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm every day from Decoration Day to Labor Day each summer. The museum's telephone number is 719-962-3306 during it's operating hours.

The Kit Carson Union Pacific Railroad Dept, built in 1904 is listed on the Colorado State Register under Criterion C for it's architechtural significance. The depot is a well preserved and publicly accessible example of a Union Pacific standard plan 24 foot x 64 foot combination depot. Though moved from it's original track side location in 1969, the depot is a rare surviving and the most intact example of this type of wood frame combination depot. The standard Union Pacific design was somewhat unusual in that the living quarters are located on the first floor. Most often, depots with residential space relegated such activities to a second story. The depot retains a high degree of integrity of design, materials and workmanship, although it's original location and functional orientation have been changed. Of all the remaining wood frame UP depots, the Kit Carson depot appears to retain the highest degree of overall integrity based on setting, orientation, design and materials. (excerpted from the Colorado State Register Nomination Form July 2002).

The Kit Carson Historical Society recently renovated the Kit Carson Museum (the old UP Depot). The Historical Society received a grant from Colorado Historic General Grant Fund to renovate the exterior. The UP Depot is a shining example of Eastern Colorado Pride!!