2003-2004 State 1A Basketball Champions
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Year in Review
By Coach Trahern
     "The 2003-2004 basketball season was truly a season to remember for a lot of reasons. First, it was the first team state championship in school history, and second, it couldn't of happened to a greater more deserving group of young men. I know how proud all the parents and community members were of our accomplishments, but possibly more important was the way the team represented the school and community off the court as well. I received many compliments on our team especially how easy we were to cheer for because of the way we conducted ourselves.

     It was obvious during elementary and junior high for most of these guys that being a good team was not enough; they wanted to be great. The determination during the title run along with the unbelievable dedication were inspiring to all of us. Many of these guys dedicated themselves above and beyond what normal teams do. Lifting weights and working on jumping in the summer months, early in the morning, coming to open gyms, and playing in tournaments and camps each June were all instrumental in our success. I think, looking back, some of our guys averaged about an hour everyday after practice working on their game. That is truly amazing and certainly should be motivation for younger players who want to reach that level.

     When you are fortunate enough to win a championship, many many things have to come together at the right time. I have said over and over this group loved to play evidenced by their many hours outside formal practice time. They played extremely well together, and they didn't like to lose. Put all those ingredients together, and it made for a truly unbelievable "team". This team was not only very coachable but rose up to every challenge the coaches presented. I can't emphasize enough how great it was to work with these young men. They did what was asked of them without reservation and without hesitation continuously. It was also a huge factor that every player accepted his role and was ready when their opportunity came for greatness. All great teams have talented ball players but what separates the truly great teams are the aforementioned qualities and we had those this year.

     I know this championship will be something each and every one of us remembers for a lifetime. We created a bond with each other that will make for friendships and memories forever. I also hope all our players can draw on all the things that allowed us to be a great team and apply them to their life after high school."