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Daniel Milton Frost

Daniel Milton Frost

First schoolteacher of Kit Carson, Colorado.  

He signed a 6-month contract with county superintendent of schools Madison W. Stewart to teach 1870-1871 terms. “Mattie” Bell taught the next term.

Major Jerome A. Soward made Frost a partner in Sowards’s Apothecary and secured for him an appointment as the assistant postmaster.

A fire burned down their store and post office along with the main business block of Kit Carson on November 18, 1871.

Frost drove a stagecoach between Colorado Springs and Denver for a short time before returning to Carson as mail agent.

Early in 1873, he dealt in fish, oysters, and produce at Kit Carson.

Later that year, he was appointed Postmaster of Sergeant, Kansas. There he studied law by correspondence and was accepted to the bar in Dodge City the following year.

In 1875, voters elected him to the Kansas State Legislature.

D.M. Frost later served as editor of the Dodge City Times and then the Ford County Globe, often finding himself at odds with the heroes of the Wild West.

He died in San Diego, California in 1918, at the age of 73, and was buried at Myton, Utah.

by Cleon Roberts



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