Facility Project

February 7, 2019

First, the new building and site plan.  The tentative site plan and building design are almost complete thanks to the architects and Design Committee working so diligently these last three months.

SITE PLAN:   The building is going to face southwest to help it incorporate Main Street as much as possible. This also keeps the existing school building open until summer, 2020, (Bringing in temporary classroom trailers is expensive!)  All the playground areas will be located towards the south side to keep kids protected from weather.   The main parking lot, located on the southwest side of the building, will be used for all visitors coming to the school during business hours and for athletic events.  The main parking lot will be on the southwest side of the school.  A secondary parking lot will be on the east side of the building, but will be used for student/staff parking and overflow parking only.  The football field will slide to the east a little and we will have a track around it with 3 or 4 lanes.  We will still have parking around the field for football games as well as using the secondary parking lot.  We will need to work together to make sure that handicapped and elderly get the first spots.   The baseball field will be in the northwest corner of the property and will be a regulation size field due to the district’s goal of being prepared for future possibilities.  There will be a concession stand with bathrooms in-between the two fields.  The bathrooms will NOT be open year round.    The bus barn and “old auto shop” are staying and being used for transportation and maintenance.  There are some upgrades we can perform to the bus barn to make it safer and more efficient.  Prairie Park will remain in the same location, but we might have to rearrange a few of the structures.  We will likely need to add a large underground water tank to meet State Fire requirements.  The cell tower will be moved to the far NE corner of the site.

INISDE:  The new building is approx. 60,000 sq. ft.  (13,000 sq. ft. more than existing school).  The Elementary wing will have preschool through 5th grade classrooms with a set of bathrooms in their hallway.  Each room will have a sink, hooks for coats and storage for materials.  The high school/junior high wing will have two English rooms and two math rooms, as wells as a social studies, science, art, and a multipurpose room.  Science and Art will have their own storage areas to keep safety as a top priority.    The front office will house the receptionist, business secretary, special education office, nurse’s office, superintendent office and work room, plus a room for storage of private documentation.  The media center will house the library, maker space (for Science and Technology projects), and elementary computers.  The kitchen will be bigger than the current one and will be secure with dry storage space, freezer, office and a walk in cooler.   The band room will have practice rooms and storage to help keep instruments safe.  The ag shop will be attached to the main building, which alleviates a huge safety concern.  It will have a classroom, storage, and shop to accommodate our ag students and FFA.   The locker rooms are designed to give the boys direct access to outside for football.  We will now be able to separate opposing teams’ boys and girls, while keeping our Wildcats in our locker rooms also.  The big gym will have seating for approx. 575-625 people for basketball and volleyball games.  The big gym was designed to be able to have double courts for volleyball and basketball, but it will have less seating for those contests.  The stage will serve as a multipurpose location including the main lunchroom.  Graduations, plays, and concerts will all be able to be on the stage with plenty of seating to watch our students.  The cafetorium will serve as a multipurpose location also, capable of having basketball and volleyball practice, prom, dances, funerals, etc...  One goal of the committee was to have spaces that are flexible that can serve many purposes now and in the future for both the district and the community.    

POLICIES and PROCEDURES:   With a new building will come some new policies and procedures.  The BEST grant is specifically designed to help communities like ours build a SAFE and better-quality building.  Parents will be asked to drop their kids off and won’t be allowed in the hallways before and during school.  The front office will page students and teachers if they are needed.  The weight room will be accessible for community members, but it is isolated from the rest of the building now.  There is a restroom available for those in the weight room.  Doors and entrances will have electronic keys so we can monitor all those entering and exiting.  We will have cameras strategically placed to help keep our students as safe as possible.  We will be stricter on food in the building and keeping it in specific locations.  The policies and procedures will be built around safety and helping the building to be sustainable for 50+ years. 

BUDGET:   As of right now we have only spent about 0.2% of the budget.  Obviously things will pick up quickly as we approach a ground breaking date of late May/early June.  We are expecting our first “best estimate” around Feb 15th.  This will help the committee in deciding major items including the roof structure, wall structure, fixtures, furniture, artificial turf vs. grass, and interior walls just to name a few. 


Thank You,


Robert Framel

Kit Carson School District R-1


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Tenative Drawings

3D Massing
Concessions Building
Kit Carson Floor Plan
Kit Carson Site Plan

June Drawings (these drawings are almost finished but still in progress.)


Kit Carson Presentation Renderings


Side View of New Building
Building and Site Layout